Monday, December 04, 2006

The Boy About Town Endorses

Let's face it. This isn't my job so I don't have the time (and sometimes the desire) to go and sit somewhere and hope for someone interesting to walk by everyday of the week. It getting much colder makes me want to get to and from the office as quick as I can. But, in the event that I don't have anything for the day now and then I will "endorse" a product, look, style, brand, store, item or designer. I don't think I mistreat you with the amount of pictures I post compared to some others out there who might have one a day if that.


Anonymous BBoy said...

I liked your endorsement idea! I was thinking about buying the Cellcosmet line before and now I probably will. Thank's and keep endorsing!

8:51 AM  
Anonymous red wings said...

i'm lucky if i can drag out my camera out of my duffel for a weekend let alone post pictures on my blog constantly. i have to look into that cell stuff...

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at it this way, no photos are better than the ones you've taken!!

11:04 AM  
Anonymous ngongo said...

ha, ha, ha,... that's a good one. While his photography skills aren't top shelf, give him time. I just don't get why he feels the need to dis the other blogs. He would do better concentrating on his unique P.O.V.

2:10 PM  

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